Offu Consulting & Associate, Inc. is a nonprofit organization consulting agency aimed at providing multi-interdisciplinary professionally (service delivery) diversified ethnically – cultural programs to customers/ clients of different ethnic and cultural background in New York City/ State.

Extended Services

A community – neighborhood setting.

To explore more on our Agency service deliveries see the next phase “All about us”

The testimonies prove our enhanced trials and business contacts with proven customers satisfaction as Offu Consulting mission statements, Goals and objectives ascribes

New prospective clients/ customers need to digest the aforementioned stated Agency’s consulting mission, goals and objectives to completely analyze our clientele relationship and professional service deliveries as posed in the consulting goals and objectives

The consulting services extend beyond “All about us” phase to “services”, for our in-depth service deliveries.  “Our contact address is listed with telephone numbers and web email address.

President and CEO
Dr. Anthony K. Offu

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