All About Us

  • Provide advocates in legal process and litigations to clients through on –service referrals to family courts, family law practice lawyers-professionally specializes in this legal process.
  • On service educational tutoring for children and adults, deficiencies and needing further educational pursuits; such as, GED or High school equivalency diploma; SAT and all other college preparatory process;  Foreign Immigrants English learning skills on board, and outside referral services for clients/people whose native language is not English and  deficiencies, thereby needing “English translations and language skills trainings”.
  • Offu Consulting and Associates, provides referrals to well qualified and experienced professional legal Attorneys specializing in “Immigration for foreign immigrant clients/people needing immigration status change-ranging from work permits, visa extensions, up -grading immigrant legal status of asylum, student visa status, Green cards and citizenship requirements and preparatory exams-books and materials available for clients immigrants comforts and learning skills ability.
  • Counseling to victims of families faced with national and international traumatic disasters of great magnitude such as, earthquake, flood disasters, tornadoes and wide- fire burn destructive victims rendered homelessness and severe crises related incidencies other man-made and mother nature  of “on-foreseen” occurrences/disasters rescues, through recovery methodological approach and process of healing, via through non-clinical counseling psychology and professional “psycho-therapy approach and dynamics” to these victims.
  • Networking with the “City and State private and public agencies”; and linkage with government agencies for in-depth consulting services support to aid the victims and families in need.
  • Continue to work with other interdisciplinary team of professionals, clinical psychologist, psychiatrists, certified social workers, medical practice professionals, clinicians and registered nurses specializing in the field of traumatic events/stress related cases; national and international relief agencies, such as, the” RED CROSS, SALVATION ARMY” and etc
  • Extensive “referrals and outreach” with the community and neighborhood net-working system, in corporation with the resourceful interdisciplinary-team, both of “Private and Public” professionally equipped individuals specializing in dealing with clients/people victimized in the areas of stress and traumatic events, for clients “diagnosed” medically with the post-traumatic stress disorders, (PTSD)and appropriate follow-ups and carefully monitoring the clients “prognosis” adequate treatment modalities
  • Professional task-oriented skills with inter-disciplinary team within and outside for net-working referrals, outreach and service needing population.
  • Provides consulting educational counseling and tutorial services.(Within and Outside the Consulting Agency).
  • Provides consulting marriage/divorce-separation counseling.
  • Specializes and provides family, groups/ individuals, adults, and children non-clinical psychological counseling and Psych-therapy for clients torn apart by drugs/substance and alcoholism abuse; and addictions; treatment procedures-methodological frame work for recovery;  conventional approach and paradigms of research psychological objectives; preventative measures and non-clinical  treatment modalities; which includes, but not limited to consulting non-clinical counseling psychological and Psych-therapy services.
  • Preventative measures to all segments of population, ranging from Teenagers,(young- teenage parents) children and families at risk of “placement or re-placement” to Administration for Children Services. (ACS- Newyork City Welfare Caring  Agency).
  • Providing independent “learning and living skills”, (ILS) to teenagers (single or young parents) in need, associated with referrals, advocacy and outreach to run-“away- teenagers” who need stabilized city government support programs-such as “affordable, adequate housing and other relevant needs of these clients to enhance return to their normal lives. Offu Consulting provides strong adequate support mechanism, within or outside resources available to clients/people in need of these consulting services.
  • Conduct domestic violence seminars, (within and outside Consulting Offices) primarily geared towards “WOMEN” in a volatile, vulnerably battered and aggressive relationship. This includes women in marriage or engaged relationships. Offu Consulting has the capability of providing non-clinical psychological counseling and extensive/in-depth psycho-therapy, which includes clients- psycho-social summaries from their birth parents origin, extended family systems up-until their adult ages, will assist Offu Consulting analyze critically the cases in question, in addendum to formulate and provide an infaliable clients treatment modalities and methodologies.
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