Mission Statement

- A Non Profit Agency –Not Operative

Clinical Psychology Internships

Non-Clinical Psychological Counseling Internship

(I) Communicate Organization’s purpose through development and providing consulting independent quality services to clients in need.

(II) To constantly provide enhanced non- clinical psychological counseling to clients/ people and customers satisfaction.

(III) To empower and strengthen the clients to develop, motivate themselves upon social, humanitarian and health recovery and given them sense of power of purpose and consultation service delivery impact.

(IV) Offu Consulting and Associates has the responsibility of providing quality service delivery advanced services to the clients that adds values to the customers business.  We follow proven and infallible process and methodological approach and success to achieve our mission.

Areas of Speciality

How to Deal with Aggressive Behavior
 Source: Health Central
Aggressive behavior is not fun to deal with and especially when you see it in your child.

Eating disorders hit more than half million teens
Source: IraqNet
 More than half a million U.S. teens have had an eating disorder but few have sought treatment for the problem, government research shows.

Post traumatic  stress disorder (PTSD)
Source: Journal of New  England school of Medicine.
At most 3 - 10 American adults and children suffer from PTSD .

 It is noted that children between the ages of 5 to 15 are susceptible to Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).  Do not despair, Offu Consulting is around the corner to provide both inside (on board) and outside treatment via an extensive network of referrals from Offu Consulting agency and inter disciplinary professional teams.

Clinical and Non-Clinical Depression Source: Journal of New  England school of Medicine.  Four of ten American families are torn apart by depression and major depression - which help is available through psychotherapy, and non- conventional psychological counseling,  therapeutic  approach and methodology.  There is no despair and hope for quick healing and recovery is assured.

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