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Dr. Anthony Kenechukwu Offu.Sr. is an author, unaffiliated periodical-prolific/journal writer, a global historian, International Relations Expert and & expert in the field of “Management and Leadership Studies” He’s proudly a Nigerian-American. Dr. Offu is a native of Amaukwu-village (Ikeghe) Okpatu, in Udi local government area, in the Enugu-State. (former defunct Anambra- State), of the eastern part of Nigeria. He’s an independent Afro-centric and Pan- African Scholar professional and (unaffiliated) institutional researcher.

Dr. Offu, was educated in Nigeria, other African countries(online educational program) and the United States on campus; where he currently holds a Master’s degree” in International Relations from the “City College of the City University of Newyork” and a Doctorate degree,( Ph.D.) in Political Economy from African University called “Private University” in 1991-1993 & later pursued another doctorate at a popular Christian/Religious College of Seminary & University, where he graduated was awarded a doctorate degree-Ph.D. in the year 2010; specialty in “Management and leadership Studies”, from the “American Bible College and University”- abcaupic1 in the Avondale & Phoenix, Arizona-State. USA. The website address:;

In his Book entitled, “The Nigerian Dependent Management and Leadership development in the post World War 11, colonial Nigeria”. Dr. Offu. explores the roles and activities of the multi and transnational corporations in the pre- and post colonial Nigeria, using foreign Multi/Transnational Corporations, such as the British owned agriculturally based multi/trans- national corporations, known as the United African Company, “U.A.C.”, “SHELL” a Netherlands Royal Dutch, oil foreign firm/ and or “SHELL” Petroleum Development Corporation; Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, plc, “NNPC” an off-shoot of the former Nigerian National Oil Corporation, (NNOC) but mostly Nigerian controlled and trans national corporation. And lastly the Organization of Petroleum exporting countries, referred commonly as the international oil giant Organization , “OPEC”. The author elicits and elucidates the theoretical models, methodological frame work, conceptualized analysis and practicability of these theories in relationship to this sub-saharan country of Nigeria, in Africa.

This lively and struggling study will be an indispensable “text” for the University students throughout the global community seeking a better understanding of the development of contemporary Nigeria and the issues facing the African continent today. He argues that material conditions are the decisive formative influences on social life and constitute the essential point of exit of British colonialist from Nigeria’s post independence era. He articulated the capitalist and imperialist exploitative mechanism of Nigeria’s leadership and management dependent development and why Nigeria remains still a developing nation-state today.

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