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Dr. Hilary Nwokeabia

Ph.D/UN Secretariat, Geneva,  Switzerland. Sr. Management Staff UN-UNTACD. International Development Economist.


Chief Late Michael Anorue (Diseased).



Honorable, Jacob Etta

Engineer-Hard & Software/MBA


Dr. Pade Badru

PhD./ Professor/Author-Former faculty of University of Baltimore County. Maryland State.


Dr. Edward Ngwu

PhD./ Professor.Physical Education @ CUNY-John Jay College. NY. NY.

Professor/Igwe-Ochendu of Okpatu, in Udi LGA. Enugu-State. Nigeria.

Ph.D./Professor, formerly Strayer University, later Dean of faculty, & contemporary Senior faculty Staff of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Enugu-State, Nigeria.;

Dr. Ibekwe Chinweizu

Ph.D/Professor/ Author. An unaffiliated institution of ideals,a literary genius & poet, Political Scientist, Economist, a Journalist-with Nigerian Newspaper-guardian, post lecturing English @ IMT-Institute of Management & Technology-Enugu, was strong & effective mentor of Dr. Offu; Professor Chinweizu is a Nigerian elite intellectual Professor & authored several books of social  & organizational science with great ethnocentric, eccentricism etc.;sundoor

Professor Samuel Enoh. 

Psy.D, PhD/Professor. Chancellor/CEO- American Bible College & University. Arizona- State. U.S.A.

Honorable Sunday Ani. Esq.

Barrister/General Counsel-Lagos. Nigeria.

Dr. Vitalis Ihenacho

Ph.D./Professor. Former Associate Professor @ Alcorn State University.Currently Lecturing @ University of Mississipi. Jackson City.

Nduka Ikeyi, Esq.

Former Attorney GeneraL & Commissioner for Justice. Enugu. Enugu-State. Nigeria.


Chief/Sir S.O Nwankwo

Ex-Contract Managing Director NNPC,  PH, Nigeria.Member of the Knight of St. John’s Nigeria Branch. Hdquarter’s in U.K.

Dr.Ebenezer Okpokpo

PhD./Professor/University of Paris France & Former Nigeria Embassy Top Management Staff,Paris, France.

Nigeria Army Gen. Chikadibia I. Obiakor.

Nigeria Army Lt. General/ & United Nations Hd/quarters in Newyork City-Military Advisor in peace keeping Mission Operations Dept. Rtd. 2011.; &

Dr. Bernard Nneji

Ph.D/President “Starmarketing group corp” & later named “SigmaWorks group corp” - A division of Omnicon Groups Corp temporary located in the Ridgefield, Connecticut State. Dr. Nneji has come along way in the managerial expert experience from being the post “Vice President of the United States” multinational corporation General Motors” in the London, United Kingdom office. Prior to this position he worked at the Detroit office in the State of Michigan. In later years he developed an infallible manufactured strategy & unwavering spirit of self unaffiliated high level transactional enterpreunership leadership skills; by forming his own self funded transnational corporation, indicated above as “SigmaWorks Group Corp”; deals on advertising, designs, media advanced project with the predominantly the United States Media mainstream multinational corporation companies; such as “CNN-Cable Network News, CBS, ABC, NBC etc. Dr. Nneji is a dedicated international/global business computer software & hardware engineer of the “proud Nigerian American icon, today. Dr. Nneji & Dr. Anthony Offu, respectively also a PhD holder were amongst the Nigerian American pal & family friends who formed the “Initial “Enugu Provincial Union (EPU) of USA Chapter”, during the early 1980’s. Both continues to be family friends today;

Dr.Luke N. Aneke

MD, Esq & Author/Pastor.;

Late Professor/Dr. Ali Mazrui

PhD./Professor/Director and Research at  Binghampton University New York. African Affairs Dept. Also The Director of the IGCS was lost or gone to the great beyond on the October, 2014 @ Newyork Hospital where he was pronounced dead post battle of several illnesses. Professor Ali Mazrui will indeed be missed by the global intellectual, scholar & academic professional community, indicated by Dr.  Anthony Offu  in his article which appeared in the major “internet media/search engine visibility, periodicals -Journals etc. Prof. Ali Mazrui was Dr. Offu’s student academic mentor, during Dr. Offu’s attendance @ IMT-Institute of Management & Technology-Enugu-State, Nigeria; in 1981 upon Dr. Offu’s post academic assignment for “IT”  Jos, Plataeu State, Nigeria. Dr. Offu’s second internet communication dialogue via email was in the USA.

i;;  or

Honorable Moses Offu

Deputy-Director of Health at Enugu-State/LGA. Rtd.2013.;

Dr./Rev. Moses Oladosu

Ph.D-Popular Newyork City Theologian, based in the Bronx. A Member of board of Director & Trustee @ American Bible College & University. Arizona-State. Also, an Alumni of the Institution/University. Dr. Anthony Offu also graduated from the same alma-mater & an alumni of the higher institution.ABCU University @ Website Address:;;

Professor Bath Nnaji

Ph.D./Recipient of global Energy Awards. A Nigerian Scientist, globally known for inventing “E--Design” currently based in Nigeria & intellectual enigma, innovator, inventor & creator of contemporary “Geo-Metric Power Limited” in Nigeria. Former Nigeria Minister of Science & Technology.In 2011,was appointed by Nigeria incumbent President/Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, as Special Adviser for Energy & Power, lectured in major United States American Universities. Held from Nkanu-LGA Enugu-South. Enugu-State. Nigeria. A resilient & prolific Icon. Alumni of Emene High School. Enugu-State. Nigeria, where the Author/Political Economist-Dr. Anthony Offu attended.

http://en Bathlomew Nnaji;;

Dr./Professor Monica Eluka.

Ph.D./Professor @ Shaw University. North Carolina.;

Igwe/Engr. Augustine Otiji.

European intellectual elite, educated-Post-Graduate in Physics & Engineering. In early 1980’s - 1990’s was appointed by the defunct Governor of Eastern Nigeria, now currently called Enugu-State; Later, promoted to national level & appointed by the defunct/late Nigeria Military Leader-Gen. Sani Abacha, as the Managing Driector of (NITEL-plc)- NigeriaTelecommunication, Plc. He pioneered the invention, creation & innovation of the first, Nigeria (under-funded) Nuclear Arsenal Bomb-popularly known as “Ogbunigwe” used during “Nigeria & Biafra War”. The Nuclear Bomb later, became ineffective due to lack of research dynamic funding. An Igbo-ethnic/cultural origin & Nigerian Icon, today.; http:// otiji/html;

Honorable Chris Olewuenyi. Esq.

Attorney & General counsel-Nigerian-American, based in the County of Bronx, New York City. Professional legal focuses are on  New York State; State of New Jersey & United States, legal matters.;www.docmadeeasy;

The Late, Professor Claude Ake.

Ph.D./Author-Nigeria intellectual elite, was a resonance & African Elite scholar of late 20th century (whose life was caught short by Nigeria domestic air plane crash bound from Lagos to his native City of Portharcourt, in 1996) Professor Ake was known as a propounder of several theories in Political Science/Economy. He had lectured @ one of the Newyork City Ivy-League University-Columbia, other American Universities & Nigeria Universities, one of which was University of Portharcourt, River-State Nigeria. He had authored several textbooks, both in his field of expert & other concerned global issues of the third world countries economies. Dr. Claude Ake was Dr. Anthony Kenechukwu Offu. Sr. mentor @ had provided Dr. Offu, several insights, ideological tenets/tips for success in prolific writing skills, as well as approaches towards writing his 1986 thesis, while graduate education pursuit @ CUNY-City College of Newyork City. NY. ake; www.claude;;

Honorable Alex Kabba

CEO/President of popularly widely circulated global African Newspaper, had immense congratulation, in the fairly justifiable, unbiased, compliance with the ethics of journalism, tenacious & uncompromised journalistic work, acknowledged unabated continued contemporary information, educative & entertaining world wide; formerly acknowledged gratified  applause from the members of the Africans, African-American brothers & sisters; & global intellectual community of the readers digest & other scholar professionals for unabated existence & continued thriving.;;

Dr.Sylvester Ozoude

MD./PC. Owner/CEO/President of the “Long Island Hospital Center”, & New York Medical Clinic; Hollis-Queens, New York. A Nigerian-American, well respected spokesman, though private individualistic personality & Nigerian intellectual elite, who participated & in commanding position, strongly effective during the Nigeria-Biafra Civil War- July 6th, 1967-to-January 15th, 1970, until war ended.;

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