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Articles: Dr. Anthony Kenechukwu Offu. Sr. published several articles in the Internet, newspapers & periodicals-Journals/magazines. etc.

The new released Published book, effective January 4th, 2013; entitled, The Nigerian Dependent Management & Leadership Development in  the Post World War II Colonial Nigeria.

The new Book abstracts/synopsis or excerpts are in addendum, published in the Internet in different
categories/volumes: I, II & III.

The Request of this Book volumes can be obtained through the CONTACT US section.
The entire components of this scholarly/Intellectual materials- thesis/new Book
& the remnants of the Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) requirements as part of fulfillment
for Doctoral Degree Program was an integral portion/aspect of this Book, was submitted,
 in addendum to two other graduate courses were the University Departmental partial fulfillment
for Doctor of Philosophy in the Management & Leadership Studies (Ph.D.)-

Paradoxically, since the Book was live/published effective January 4th, 2013; The Author,
Dr. Anthony Kenechukwu Offu. Sr. advised the global intellectual community & readers digest
to GO & GRAB, READ this intellectual material, uncompromised thesis & indispensable well
researched, articulated, informative, educative & entertaining book.
The newly released published “ Book” has officially been published effective January 4th, 2013
for global readers digest.

The Book Publisher, www. & other distribution contract careers are as follows:

  • www.barnes &;
  •;co. uk overseas-London office;
  •; Philipines & finally, The Publisher's Headquarter USA Office: Indiana State.

The Author is also another source of major Book order.
The prospective or current client/customers perhaps may visit Author at
his Web-Site Address:;; The Author's name, Book Title & ISBN;which are dualized in form of physical book & e-book formats-Android-APP, Tablets,  i-phone, i-pads, miscellanous contemporary new art of high-technology book productions & publications.

Volume I


  • Leadership and management theories/models
  • Development/Modernization theories/models
  • Dependency and Modified Dependency theories/models
  • With the “Book Topic/Title in question”

Volume II

trd014ta6176The roles and activities of the multi and transnational corporations Agricultural and Oil sectors in post World War II colonial Nigeria.These multi and transnational  corporations are:

  • UAC - United Africa Company
  • SHELL - Netherlands Royal Dutch
  • NNPC - Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
  • OPEC - Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

Volume III

trd014ta6176                    CONCLUSION


  • The Author/ Dr. Offu’s ideological “pros and cons” of the theories mentioned in the Volume I, to see how well they conform appropriately and suitably applicable in Nigeria situation.
  • The Author’s ideological class conflict: The “Pros and Cons” of the Multinational firms operations in Nigeria, the Nigeria’s Federal Government’s role and Regional state of Niger-Delta.
  • The Author’s Conclusive Reality and Suggestions to the Nigeria’s Contemporary Economy in Today’s, 2012.
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