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January 3rd 2017.


5:00 PM. Eastern Standard Time-zone

New York City. New York. United States of America.

Columbia University. New York City-Dept. of International Relations. Hall. 116th Street Gate-Security will escort audience to the hall.

The Introduction Speaker

Dr. Anthony kenechukwu.  Offu. Sr.

The Guest Speakers: Professor Kenneth Sherill Chairman. Rtd. Dept of Political Science. CUNY-Hunter College.

2nd Guest Speaker.Professor/ Author; Pade Badru. University of Maryland County. MD.

3rd. Guest Speaker: Prof. Leonard Jeffries. Rtd. Chairman-Black & African  Studies Program @ the City College of the City University of Newyork. CUNY

4th. Finally, Dr. Anthony Offu detailed one hour effective lecture- keynotes of the “book” excerpts/synopsis



The contemporary book, published, effective January 4th, 2013; will be launched on the event date, time, location & speakers aforementioned.  I crave my indispensable global intellectual, pals, audience, the readers digest & indulgence, with time constrained projects the author was unraveling with  which includes, but not limited to illness/poor health with contemporary aggravated treatment modalities; predominantly tied up-the scheduled time frame/table to inevitably unleash the formal date for launching this intellectual thesis & painstakenly well- drained & exaustedly  intellectual research book, finally  slated to take place until, this moment- current event date-01-03-2017. I would want my intellectual global audience to be patient, pending the event launching modified date in question. This is still tentative & have not been out of the wood yet, due to my health treatment modalities, avariciously ubiquitous, treatment plans with upward wonderful professional physicians & gifted specialists in their respectively health/medical conventional methodologies & practice. 

Thank you, folks for the patience, indulgence sustained in this newly published book, which had defined the annals of global history in the 21st century millennium goals for the third world countries, by the wealthy nation-states through United Nations; given the avalanche of opportunities to under developed & developing nations economies in catching up with this achievable 21st century millennium economic & political package to reform, revamp their existing austerity program. The United Nations, via the wealthy countries-called G-7; & subsequently the “G-20s” such as the “The Super World economic, political, military & the latest art of high tech means of high speed communication, which effectively became in use through United States, President passing the policy for congressional approval, & usage by the global community, in the 1989; the architect & originality with the  team of American & European Scientists, mostly lead by former Congressional law maker & 45th Vice President of the United States; named Albert Gore. Jr. provided a lot of team work methodologies & framework for the research dynamics to  invention, innovation & finally creation of internet technology;  invented, this uncompromising communication device to the high speed global communication, have made our global community of information beyond telegram & telegraph information transfer faster than our what we envisaged in the 20th century. Bravo! The Ex-Vice President Al Gore. Jr. & also an environmental Czar for global cleaning air act/green house effect, which he also championed the imperativeness of eliminating carbon dioxide emission, associated with a wonderful intellectual published book, in cleaning the earths ozone layer, which today, in our global community had abated the incessantly irresponsible nation-states in compliance with the United Nations clean air act of 1982. 

From: Dr. Anthony Kenechukwu Offu. Sr Author, Researcher, Self-Unaffiliated prolific Journal/Periodical-Internet Writer & online Professor of various Colleges/Universities in Africa.
















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